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Who are structural engineers and what do they do?

If we think of a structure as a human body, then structural engineers design and maintain the skeleton.

They are the guardians of public safety, ensuring that buildings and bridges
are strong enough to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains.

They are therefore a key part of the design and construction team, working alongside architects to create all kinds of structure - from houses and skyscrapers to sports stadia and oil rigs.

They are also creative, trustworthy problem solvers who shape all aspects of our built environment, developing innovative solutions to allow construction in the most challenging conditions.

Chartered Members of The Institution of Structural Engineers are highly-trained professionals. Each has passed one of the most demanding examinations of its kind and is required to continually develop his or her skill-set, maintaining a justified reputation as a world-class engineering specialist.

You can find out more about structural engineers by watching this short video.


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