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Student Members are aspiring structural engineers who are studying (or have recently studied) structural and/or civil engineering-related courses. Depending on the course undertaken, one of three types of student membership may be appropriate:

Student Member (free)

If you are studying, or are enrolled to study a course accredited or recognised by the Institution that will lead to the Chartered, Associate-membership or Technician grades, you can apply to join the Institution (for free) as a Student Member. Membership includes complimentary online access to The Structural Engineer. You can apply by submitting this form.

Limited Student Member (free)

If you are a student, but not studying an accredited or recognised course you can apply to be a Limited Student Member (complimentary online access to The Structural Engineer is provided). Examples of when this may be applicable are as follows:

  • You are currently working towards an apprenticeship in a related field. Although these courses are not currently accredited they could lead towards Technician membership.
  • You are not enrolled on a course accredited or recognised by the Institution (courses not recognised include, but are not limited to, A levels or equivalent qualifications) but you intend to study structural or civil engineering at a higher level.
Limited Student membership is an appropriate stop-gap until you commence your further study.

Please note that if your course is not accredited or recognised you may be required to have your academic qualifications assessed by the Institution should you wish to transfer to Graduate membership upon the completion of your studies. You can apply by submitting this form.

Student Member in Employment (membership fee applies)

Note: You may still be eligible for this grade of membership if you are currently unemployed (job-seeking).

If you have completed a NC, ND, HNC, HND, foundation degree or equivalent and are training to progress to a professional grade of membership, you can join as a Student Member in Employment.

This means that you can work towards becoming a Technician Member or Associate-Member but you may have to undertake some further learning as well as the Initial Professional Development (IPD) programme. Once elected to the Student in Employment grade you will be sent a training folder containing the requirements for either Technician or Associate-Membership depending upon the grade of membership which you are academically eligible to pursue.

To apply to be a Student Member in Employment you'll need to complete this form and enclose the appropriate payment.

2014 fees

Currently engaged in paid employment: £141

Currently a Student Member (or Limited Student Member) who has recently completed study and wishes to transfer to the grade of Student Member in Employment, and joins with 12 months of completing their studies will receive a discount on the standard subscription for up to two years:

  • 1st year: £47
  • 2nd year: £94
If a candidate does not apply for Student Member in Employment within 12 months of completing their studies they will be required to pay the full annual subscription of £141.

Pro rata payments
We operate a pro rata system for membership fees. As such you will only pay for the remaining months of the year in which you apply.

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