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Published: 15/01/2019

Silvia Pilotto, Digital and Data Director for the Institution, provides an update for members on the coming changes to istructe.org.

The Institution is committed to launching a new website in 2019. The entire project has been shaped by your feedback, ensuring that our new site is built around the priorities of all members, from students and academics to recent graduates and Chartered professionals.


Last year we carried out online surveys, in-depth interviews and workshops to help us prioritise our efforts and identify what the Institution needs to offer in order to stay relevant to you. 

We were sure to consult all members, considering factors like membership grade, gender, age, international location and size of organisation - to be sure of gaining as representative feedback as possible. If anything, we were bias to the younger side of our membership, especially encouraging our female engineers to take part. 

Content access

You told us that you value The Structural Engineer magazine most highly (both in print and online) and are interested in our wealth of related resources like our Technical Guidance Notes.

However, you also told us how hard it is to find what you’re looking for on the current site. That’s why we are improving search on the new website, and reorganising and recategorising content: you should find what you’re looking for much easier, and better locate related resources - whether guidance, training or manuals. 

The existing Structural Engineer archive will remain for now, but we’ll showcase some of the best and most popular series, like the Technical Guidance Notes, within the main site, and we’ll continue the process of featuring both new and archived magazine content as we move forward.  

We also noted a demand for more online video – whether training, case studies or guidance - for busy professionals who need easier access, aiding the management of work, training and family commitments. That’s why we’ll be bringing our video archive of lectures, conferences and other events into the main site, so that video content will have an equal priority when searching the site. We’ll also prioritise new video content production as the site evolves.

Continuing evolution

These are just a few of the many insights we have learned from your feedback, and how we intend to address them in the new website. We want to thank all those who contributed: without you this could not have been an effective project. 

I want to add that this transformative process is just beginning: we intend to keep learning and understanding how members - and the public – interact with our website, and adapting to serve your needs and those of the future profession. 


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