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Organisational structure

The Institution of Structural Engineers has over 27,000 members working in 105 countries around the world

The core work of the Institution is supporting and protecting the profession of structural engineering by upholding professional standards and our aim is to provide a strong voice for structural engineering.

In this section you can find out how the Institution is run and about the people involved in its governance. 

You can also read about our committees, panels and study groups, and how to get involved.

The Institution supports a number of organisations to address and improve global industry issues. You can find out more about these in the subsidiary organisations section below.

The Board
The Board comprises of twelve members including the Institution President, Vice-Presidents, up to three past Presidents and Council members
The Council
Alan Crossman is the 96th President of the Institution
The Institution of Structural Engineers Council serves as an advisory group to the Board which is the governing body of the Institution

The day-to-day running of the organisation is managed by directorates and led by a Chief Executive. Here you can find out more about our people.
Study Groups
The Institution of Structural Engineers has nine committees and groups which support the work of the Institution and promoting the work of the industry more generally
Study groups encourage debate about a wide variety of structural engineering topics.

The Institution currently has 15 panels in operation. Each panel helps to serve the Institution by focussing on a distinct area of activity.
Subsidiary organisations
Task groups and steering groups are set up by the Institution to undertake work to revise, update or produce a particular publication and are disbanded when the task has been completed.
The Institution of Structural Engineers has the following subsidary organisations

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