Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee

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The Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee is made up of a Chairman, panel chairpersons and up to 10 others. There are also several corresponding members worldwide.

The committee meets four times a year and reports all activities to the Engineering Leadership Group.

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To access the files, you must be a member of the Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee

Membership of the Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee is a good way to play an active role in industry developments and form lasting partnerships with relevant organisations and government agencies.

Membership of the committee involves attending meetings and assisting with the work of the committee between meetings. As a member you'll have full access to all committee meeting minutes and other related documents.

Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee meetings

This will contain all documents related to committee activities ordered by date.

  • Committee agendas and minutes
  • Reports
  • Terms of reference
  • Presentations


For a significant time the Institution has been largely silent on the business issues of the profession. This committee has been formed to directly consider and inform on this large and complex area.

The committee will also encourage knowledge gathering about codes and regulations operating across many jurisdictions so that the Institution can support its members in working internationally.

This committee also provides direction, oversight and scrutiny of the work of the following panels:

This committee works closely with the Engineering Leadership Group and the Director: Engineering and Technical Services.

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