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About the committee

The Membership Committee is made up of the President, panel chairpersons and up to 12 others. The Membership committee also includes representatives from the following: Associate-Member grade, Technician Member grade, the Joint Board of Moderators and the Engineering Council. There is also a number of corresponding members involved in the committee.      

The committee meets four times a year to monitor the progress of panels and working groups under its supervision. The Committee oversees the development of policy in relation to education standards, training and career development. 

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To access the files, you must be a member of the Membership Committee

Getting involved in the Membership Committee is a good way to play an active role in the education and development of future structural engineers. 

Membership of the committee involves attending meetings, assisting the work of panels and working groups and acting as a point of contact. As a member you'll have full access to all Membership Committee meeting minutes and other related documents.

Membership Committee meetings

This will contain all documents related to committee activities ordered by date.

  • Meeting dates
  • Committee agendas and minutes
  • Reports
  • Terms of reference
  • Presentations

If you wish to register an interest please contact the Committee Secretary, Cynthia Hearing, Membership and Qualifications Manager.  


  • To oversee the following panels; Academic Qualifications, Applications and Professional Review, Education, Examinations, Professional Development and Young Members’
  • To advise the Trustee Board in relation to standards and routes to membership
  • To monitor the work of the Joint Board of Moderators and approve recommendations on accreditation
  • To keep under review matters relating to the mutual recognition of professional qualifications awarded by other bodies
  • To liaise with the Education Panel within the Institution, the Engineering Council, government agencies and other relevant organisations concerned with education
  • To annually appoint two members of the Committee to audit the work of the Applications and Professional Review Panel, the Academic Qualifications Panel and the Examinations Panel

Contact details

The secretary for the Membership Committee should be contacted by email.

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