The Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel

About the Panel

The Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel consists of a Chair and up to 13 professionally registered volunteer Members of the Institution, or co-opted experts.  The Panel members are all experienced practitioners in Digital Workflows and Computational Design and are able to provide guidance to the Institution's wider membership. 

Get involved

Membership of the Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel is a good way to play an active role in developing guidance to ensure that the Institution's membership have access to relevant information on Digital Workflows and Computational Design within the built environment.

Membership of the Panel involves attending four meetings a year, and actively contributing to the activities of the Panel.  As a member you will have full access to all Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel meeting minutes and other related documents.

All Institution Members are invited, in the Autumn, to apply to join the Panel for the following session and should provide background information relating to their experience within the subject matter covered by the Panel.  


Access files

To access the files, you must be a member of the Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel

  • The Panel helps Members keep pace with the rapid pace of technological development in design practice and addresses the widening gap between those familiar with digital workflows and those using more traditional methods.
  • The Panel examines and reports on trends and prepares relevant advice for Institution members, reviewing current digital workflow and computational design practice across a range of organisations.
  • The Panel also reviews current education and graduate training to identify gaps and assists with developing suitable training courses and CPD programmes. 
  • The Panel also liaises with other Institutions to ensure a wider professional understanding of the impact of more collaborative design processes. 

Contact details

If you have an enquiry please contact the Panel Secretary.

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