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The Examinations Panel consists of six Chartered Membership Examination Advisers and two Associate-Membership Examination Advisers.

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To access the files, you must be a member of the Examinations Panel

Membership of the Examinations Panel is a good way to play an active role in a key part of Institutional activity.

Membership of the panel involves reviewing examination procedures, appointing marking examiners, developing questions and considering feedback from examination centres and correspondence from candidates.

An annual trial marking meeting is held each year in May, where the examiners discuss the marking of scripts for both the Chartered and Associate-Member Examinations. Sub-panels for each exam category meet in June/July respectively, to moderate the examination results and select prize winners.

As a member you'll have full access to all Examinations Panel meeting minutes and other related documents.


  • To report to the Membership Committee on how the Chartered Membership Examination and the Associate-Membership Examination should be conducted in accordance with the policy set by the Institution.
  • To keep under review the relevance of the examinations to the profession of structural engineering.
  • To report to the Membership Committee (or other committee, as appropriate) on decisions taken and the outcomes achieved, including the following:
    • the format and content of examinations
    • regulations and procedures
    • the appointment and briefing of examiners and advisers
    • examination centres
    • marking and monitoring
    • prizes and awards
  • Following each examination, to submit a pass list and a report to the Membership Committee.
  • To consider appeals against examination results.
  • To consider any other matters as directed by the Membership Committee, and reporting back as appropriate.

Contact details

If you have an enquiry or wish to register your interest in serving on the panel, please contact the panel secretary.


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