The 9 Commissions are listed below. Where applicable the UK participants and their positions are noted. Each Commission has a number of Task Groups and Working Parties.


UK participant and position:

  • Gordon M. Clark (Ramboll) - Member
  • Andrew Truby (Truby Stevenson Ltd.) - Member

TG 1.1


  • Peter Curran (Ramboll) - Member

WP 1.1.1

Bridges for high-speed trains

WP 1.1.2

Corrugated steel web bridges

WP 1.1.3

Internal bridges

TG 1.2

Concrete structures in marine environments

WP 1.2.1

Floating concrete sructures

  • Gordon Jackson (Arup) - Member

TG 1.3


  • Andrew Truby (Truby Stevenson Ltd.) - Member

TG 1.4


WP 1.4.1

Tunnels in fibre-reinforced concrete

TG 1.5

Structural Sustainability

  • Gordon M. Clark (Ramboll) - Member

TG 1.6

History of concrete structures

TG 1.7

Construction of concrete structures

  • Gopal Srinivasan (Arup) - Member

UK participant and position:

  • Robert L. Vollum (Imperial College London) - Member

TG 2.1

Serviceability models

WP 2.1.1

Long-term behaviour of prestressed concrete bridges

  • Robert Lark (Cardiff University) - Member

WP 2.1.2

Restrained and imposed deformations

TG 2.2

Ultimate limit state models

  • Steve Denton (WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd) - Member
  • Robert L. Vollum (Imperial College London) - Member

WP 2.2.1

Shear in beams

  • Juan Sagaseta (University of Surrey) - Member
  • Robert L. Vollum (Imperial College London) - Corresponding Member

WP 2.2.2

Shear in members with steel fibres

WP 2.2.3

Punching and shear slabs

  • Juan Sagaseta (University of Surrey) - Member
  • Robert L. Vollum (Imperial College London) - Member

WP 2.2.4

Strut and tie modelling

TG 2.3

Fire design of concrete structures

  • Gabriel Khoury (Imperial College London) - Member
  • Tom Lennon (BRE) - Member
  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Member

WP 2.3.1

Spalling Design

  • Tom Lennon (BRE) - Member

WP 2.3.2

Performance-based fire design

  • Tom Lennon (BRE) - Member

WP 2.3.3

Fire resistance of concrete tunnels

  • Gerard Canisius (Scott Wilson) - Member

TG 2.4

Computer-based modelling and design

WP 2.4.1

Nonlinear dynamic analysis for seismic evaluation of RC frames

TG 2.5

Bond and material models

  • John Cairns (Heriot-Watt University) - Member
  • Sarah Williamson (Laing O’Rourke) - Member
  • Charles Goodchild (MPA The Concrete Centre) - Member

WP 2.5.1

Bond of plain reinforcement

  • John Cairns (Heriot-Watt University) - Member

WP 2.5.2

Standard method of test for bond

TG 2.6

Composite steel-concrete construction

TG 2.7

Design for extreme events

TG 2.8

Safety and performance concepts

TG 2.9

Fastenings to structural concrete and masonry

WP 2.9.1

Review of current fib model with a view to Model Code 2010 and model for anchor reinforcement

WP 2.9.2

Open topics in the current design guide

WP 2.9.3

Shear lugs

WP 2.9.4

Fatigue Loading

WP 2.9.5

Bonded anchors under sustained load

WP 2.9.6

Post-installed reinforcement - Harmonization of rules for reinforced concrete and anchorages with bonded anchors and post-installed reinforcement

WP 2.9.7

Splitting of bonded anchors

WP 2.9.8

Required stiffness of baseplates

WP 2.9.9

Fire Resistance of anchors and post-installed reinforcement


UK participant and position:

  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Convener
  • Chris Hendy (Atkins) - Member
  • Alan Fairhurst (Sellafield Ltd) - Corresponding Member 
  • Kunal Kansara (XEIAD Ltd) - Corresponding Member

TG 3.1

Reliability and safety evaluation


TG 3.2

Modeling of structural performance of existing structures


TG 3.3

Assessment/evaluation procedures for existing structures


TG 3.4

Selection and implementation of interventions



UK participant and position:

TG 4.1

Fibre-reinforced concrete

TG 4.2

Ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete

TG 4.3

Structural design with flowable concrete

TG 4.4

Aesthetics of concrete surfaces

TG 4.5

Performance-based specifications for concrete

TG 4.6

Constitutive laws for concretes with supplementary cementitious materials


UK participant and position:

  • Gordon M. Clark (Ramboll) - Member

TG 5.1

FRP Reinforcement for concrete structures

  • Dionysios Bournas (EU JRC Ispra) - Member
  • Szymon Chołostiakow (University of Sheffield) - Member
  • Matteo Di Benedetti (University of Sheffield) - Member
  • Ted Donchev (Kingston University) - Member
  • Reyes Garcia Lopez (University of Sheffield) - Member
  • Vesna Raicic (University of Bath) - Member
  • Andreea Serbescu (Amey Consulting/University of Sheffield) - Member


  • Chris Burgoyne (University of Cambridge) - Corresponding Member
  • J.F. Chen (Edinburgh University) - Corresponding Member
  • Steve Denton (WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd) - Corresponding Member
  • T.J. Ibell (University of Bath) - Corresponding Member
  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Corresponding Member
  • Kypros Pilakoutas (University of Sheffield) - Corresponding Member
  • Jonathan Shave (WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd) - Corresponding Member

TG 5.2

Reinforcing steels and systems

  • Andrew Truby (Truby Stevenson Ltd) - Convener
  • Ladin Camci (CARES) - Deputy Convenor

TG 5.3

Manual for prestressing materials and systems

TG 5.4

Recommendations for ground anchor systems

  • Tony Barley (SBMA Ltd) - Member
  • Stephen Cartney (H.M. Nuclear Installations Insp.) - Member
  • Devon Mothersille (Geoserve Global Ltd.) - Member

TG 5.5

Cables for cable-supported bridges

TG 5.6

Behaviour under cryogenic conditions

TG 5.7

Dismantlement and re-use of reinforced and prestressed structures

TG 5.8

External tendons for bridges

TG 5.9

Plastic ducts


UK participant and position:

TG 6.1

Prestressed hollow core floors

TG 6.2

Quality control for precast concrete

TG 6.3

Sustainability of structures with precast elements

TG 6.4

Precast concrete towers for wind energy production

  • Paulo Batista (RES Group Engineering) - Member
  • Alan Tricklebank (Consultant) - Member

TG 6.5

Precast concrete bridges

TG 6.6

Retrofitting and repair of precast structures in seismic areas

  • Andreas Lampropoulos (University of Brighton) - Member

TG 6.7

Precast concrete in tall buildings

  • Ingemar Löfgren (Arup Materials Consulting) - Member
  • Neil Pitt

TG 6.8

Terminology in prefabrication

TG 6.10

Precast concrete buildings in seismic areas - practical aspects

TG 6.11

Precast insulated sandwich panels

TG 6.12

Planning and design handbook on precast building structures


UK participant and position:

TG 7.1

Sustainable concrete - General framework

  • Ingemar Löfgren (Arup Materials Consulting) - Member

TG 7.2

Application of environmental design to concrete structures

TG 7.3

Concrete made with recycled materials - life cycle perspective

  • David Dunne (AECOM) - Member

TG 7.4

Sustainable civil structures

TG 7.5

Environmental product declarations (EPD) and equivalent performance for concrete

  • Lee Brankley (CARES) - Member
  • Ladin Camci (CARES) - Member

UK participant and position:

  • David Cleland (Queen’s University Belfast) - Member
  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Member
  • David Smith (Atkins) - Member
  • Luis Neves (Nottingham University) - Corresponding Member

TG 8.1

Model technical specification for repairs and interventions

  • David Smith (Atkins) - Member
  • Philip McKenna (Halcrow) - Member

TG 8.2

Birth and re-birth certificates and through-life management aspects

TG 8.3

Operational document to support Service Life Design

  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Member

TG 8.4

Life cycle cost (LCC) - Design life and/or replacement cycle

  • Luis Neves (Nottingham University) - Member

TG 8.5

Durability of post-tensioning systems

  • Jan Laco (Atkins) - Member

TG 8.6

Calibration of code deemed to satisfy provisions for durability


UK participant and position:

  • Gordon M. Clark (Ramboll) - Member
  • Maurizio Guadagnini (University of Sheffield) - Member
  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Member

UK participant and position:

  • Gordon M. Clark (Ramboll) - Chair

TG 10.1


  • Stuart Matthews (BRE) - Chair

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