2004: Designing for the consequences of hazards




Paper 01
The Bayesian view of extreme events
Allan McRobie (Cambridge University)

Paper 02
Hazards in the leisure industry
A P Mann (Jacobs Babtie)

Paper 03
External hazards for nuclear facilities
John Mills (Jacobs Babtie)

Paper 04
Ship impact - Flexural strain enregy or good insurance
Dr. John Tubman (Scott Wilson)

Paper 05
Designing a Suspension Bridge for the Consequences of Hazards…
Andrew Martin (Arup)

Paper 06
Risk analysis and the acceptable probability of failure
Will Duckett (Gifford)

Paper 07
Is risk assessment the right answer
Stuart Alexander (WSP Group)

Paper 08
Structural vulnerability and robustness
J. Agarwal (University of Bristol)

Paper 09
Proposal for an alternative to ultimate limit state design that will…
Mike Byfield (University of Southampton)

Paper 10
Failures from hazards. A short review
Jonathan G M Wood (Structural Studies & Design Ltd)

Paper 11
Insights and observations into the recent collapse at Charles de…
Henry Bardsley (RFR)

Paper 12
Whether to Strengthen? Risk Analysis for Strengthening Decision-…
Robin Spence & Andrew Brown (Cambridge Architectural Research) &…

Paper 13
Hazard loading in the nuclear industry
Chris Bolton (British Nuclear Group)

Paper 14
Hazards and computational structural mechanics finding the right…
Roger S Crouch (University of Sheffield)

Paper 15
Vehicle collision loading criteria for bridge piers
Ron Ko (Highways Agency)

Paper 16
Designig for impact loads specified in different ways
Angus Low (Arup)

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