2006: Factor 10 engineering for sustainable cities


Paper 01
Environmental Impacts of UK Consumption - Exploring Links to…
John Barrett (Stockholm Environment Institute)

Paper 02
Urban Metabolism: London Sustainability Scenarios
Herbert Girardet (Environmental Consultant)

Paper 03
Assessing the Relative Sustainability of Management Solutions…
Crina Oltean-Dumbrava (University of Bradford)

Paper 04
London: Making the Difference
Samantha Heath (London Sustainability Exchange)

Paper 05
A Factor 10 Solution: Integrated Design in Architecture
Greg Franta (Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado, USA)

Paper 06
Construction Efficiency
Bob White (MACE)

Paper 07
Urban Energy Systems
David Fisk (Imperial College, London)

Paper 08
The Challenge of Existing UK Houses
Brenda Boardman (University of Oxford)

Paper 09
Renewable Energy Systems
Mark Candlish (RES Ltd)

Paper 10
Bruce Beck (University of Georgia)

Paper 11
Case Study – Dongtan Eco-City
Peter Head (Arup)

Paper 12
Case Study – Kronsberg, Hannover: Components of a Factor 10…
Hans Mönninghoff (City of Hannover, Germany)

Paper 13
From Waste to Material Resources Management
Robert Lisney (LRL Consultancy Services Ltd)

Paper 14
Non-traditional Binders for Construction Materials
John Forth (University of Leeds)

Paper 15
A 'Whole System Design' Approach to Personal Transport
Hugo Spowers (Independent Consultant)

Paper 16
Urban Information Architecture: The Concept Applied at Dongtan…
Volker Buscher (Arup)

Paper 17
Sustainability, Bridges & Civil Engineering
Andrew Martin (Arup)

Paper 18
Sustainability & Development
Peter Guthrie (University of Cambridge)

Paper 19
How Sustainable is Distributed Working in the Dispersed City?
John Worthington (DEGW)

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