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The Board comprises twelve members including the Institution President, three Vice Presidents, two Past Presidents and six Council members.

The main functions of the Board are:

  • To develop, with the advice of the Council and committees, Institution strategy and policy
  • To act as the trustees of the Institution
  • To set and maintain a framework of delegation and manage internal processes
  • To ensure the adequate allocation of resources to achieve the Institution’s objectives    
  • To ensure Institution compliance with its Charter and Bye-laws
  • To approve the annual report and accounts of the Institution 

The Board is elected by the Institution Council. The 2017 members of the Board are:

  • Ian Firth – President, Chairman
  • Faith Wainwright – Senior Vice-President
  • Joe Kindregan – Vice-President
  • Jane Entwistle – Vice-President
  • Alan Crossman – Immediate Past President
  • Tim Ibell – Past President
  • Glenn Bell – Council member
  • Tanya De Hoog – Council member
  • Victoria Martin – Council member
  • Simon Pitchers – Council member
  • John Staves – Council member
  • Ron Watermeyer – Council member
  • K F Chung – Vice-President, attending by invitation
  • Don McQuillan – Vice-President, attending by invitation
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