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The Institution is recognised as the world’s leading professional body for structural engineering. Only the best thinkers, designers and innovators successfully meet our exacting entrance requirements. It’s a tough journey, but it has to be. Being a member of the Institution is an international passport to practise. Once accredited, our members can enjoy worldwide recognition as a structural engineer working at the highest level of technical and professional ability. For many, the Institution is the preferred route to the top.

Membership confirms competence as an engineer working to the highest standards in the world. With members in 105 countries across the globe, membership includes an automatic introduction to your local Regional Group, where members will be warmly welcomed. Regional Groups run their own programmes of events, as well as providing essential support and networking opportunities.

The Institution undertakes a broad range of technical activities which keep it at the forefront of worldwide structural engineering practise.

This ensures that our members, wherever they are working, can have access to the most up-to-date thinking and guidance from within the profession.

Our membership options encompass a wide range of grades from Student to Fellow, ensuring suitability for all levels of proficiency and the opportunity for continual career development.

We are immensely proud of our members and the fact that, one century down the line, they continue to change the world.

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