Tina Cardy, Director of Communications, introduces the Institution's new video about structural engineering.

Since 1908 The Institution of Structural Engineers has been dedicated to spreading knowledge about structural engineering – it’s laid down in our Royal Charter as one of our key objectives and it’s a big part of our work in the Communications Department.

Structural engineers have never enjoyed quite the same share of the publicity spotlight as architects – that’s because while we notice the architect’s exterior design, we tend to take the work of the engineer (making sure a structure is robust and safe) for granted. In other words we don’t fear that every time we visit a building or cross a bridge the structure might crumble away under our feet.

It’s also easy to get confused about the difference between a structural engineer and a civil engineer – and no wonder. These are complex roles, involving a huge variety of skills - and, like architects, structural engineers will often work closely with civil engineers on major construction projects.

Finally the sheer scope of structural engineering isn’t easily summed up in one sentence. The profession is marked by all kinds of specialists, from earthquake engineering to those who specialise in disaster relief, and on all kinds of scale from home improvements to stadia construction.

For all these reasons we’ve developed a new video which simply explains the work of structural engineers. It’s important to illustrate the work engineers do as the guardians of public safety, and to show young people the tremendous variety, excitement and opportunity structural engineering careers offer.

You will see a lot more similar activity from the Institution, building on the tremendous enthusiasm for all things engineering we have seen over the last few years, in the UK and around the world.

You can watch the new video here.

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