15 Year 6 children from Stebon Primary School in East London saw their art and engineering skills celebrated on 14 December as they were invited into the International HQ of The Institution of Structural Engineers. The Institution will display their artwork – a “Cityscape” of famous London landmarks – over the festive period.

Institution Chief Executive, Martin Powell, welcomed the children to the building, explained a little about the role of structural engineers as design professionals and the guardians of public safety, and officially unveiled the artwork in the HQ building. 

He said:

“The children of Stebon Primary School should be really proud of their work, which displays the kind of creativity, design prowess and inventiveness that the engineers of the future will need. 

“Projects like this are a great way for schools to get young people thinking about the way structures are designed. Any children with an interest in maths, science or art subjects could be an engineer of the future, and hopefully at least one of our visitors today will go on be an engineering professional, helping to shape the urban environment.”

(Above: The Cityscape on display at HQ)

Talhah, Abdul Korim, Ishrath and Taiyeba, some of the Year 6 students involved said:

"We enjoy solving problems about fractions and angles because it’s about estimation. You can do lots of things with fraction calculations because there are lots of possibilities, we love dividing fractions. We also like working out the links between fractions, percentages and decimals because each one is quite unique and also a bit challenging. We also like how maths links to art. 

"You can use your knowledge to work out the area and decide where to put the materials. We had to measure how tall each structure was to find out where it would fit best.

"On our next project, we will be building bridges. We will definitely need to use our knowledge of maths to measure length, width and angles. We’ll also need to use our scientific knowledge to consider materials, strength and gravity. We are looking towards experimenting with materials and their properties, whilst thinking about how environmentally suitable they might be.

"Who knows, we could be future engineers someday?"


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