Rosie Goldrick, 28, is a structural engineer at Atkins, where she has been working on the Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon Crossrail stations. Here she reviews the recent Young Engineers' Conference at Institution HQ, which she helped organise.

The idea for the Young Engineers’ Conference came up at one of our 2015 Young Members’ Panel meetings. We agreed it would be nice to organise an event to facilitate national networking for young structural engineers. It would need to be something worth travelling for, so more than just a social event.

This was the Panel’s biggest idea to date, so I wanted to be involved in seeing it through to a successful conclusion! I think it was a fantastic event, with a good turnout, a diverse audience, and incredibly inspiring speakers. 

As a woman in engineering the best speaker for me was Linda Miller of Crossrail - she is such a strong character with a very exciting career and was really inspiring to hear from. I also loved Nick’s presentation on emergency engineering, which was particularly relevant to me  – I’m about to take a one year sabbatical from Atkins to do an “Engineers Without Borders” placement in Rwanda. I hope to use my technical skills to contribute to the humanitarian sector in future.

Linda Miller of Crossrail

The event was also really useful as I made some interesting connections with young members. I hope others did the same! People were asking how I got involved with the Institution and expressing an interest in starting their own Young Members’ Groups, which was great - a real sign of the energy and enthusiasm at the event. We hope to get some of these people on the Panel next year and support them in their goals.

A workshop underway

The Conference re-ignited my enthusiasm for engineering, it highlighted what a creative career it is, and what a difference you can make to people’s lives by seeking continuous improvement in the built environment and pushing the boundaries of technology. I think this is reflected in the responses to our survey of those who attended - 100% said they would attend the Young Engineers' Conference next year! 

We are definitely going to repeat the event, it was a huge success, although I personally think we should move it around the UK to ensure equal opportunities for the regions.

You can watch all the speakers from the Young Engineers' Conference here.

You can view all the pictures from the day here.

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