Our Gold Medal Address takes place on the 11 October at institution HQ. Jo da Silva of Arup will speak on the topic of Design, Disasters and Development - discussing the role structural engineers play in creating safe, sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities.

In advance of the event, here are six great quotes from other Institution Gold Medallists.

In the behaviour of structures, truth can usually be found only by testing and observing genuine structural members built with the materials as they are, with imperfections which cannot be avoided.
Fritz Leonhardt, 1976

One of the principles I have learnt has been that the effect of scaling-up the size of structural components has hidden pitfalls…it really is the case that, in many aspects of structural engineering, size does matter.
Professor F. M. Burdekin, 1999

Engineering is the improvement of nature for mankind’s needs. It constructs a new nature, a supernature between mankind and the original nature. But, as Ortega Y Gasset points out, each country has its own view of what engineering is, because this supernature is an expression of a nation’s culture.
Professor Edmund Happold, 1992

Essentially, a clear idea results in an informed aesthetic. It can yield a structure that is simple, elegant, and quite possibly, easy to construct... I would urge all engineers to challenge themselves to distill their ideas into as simple an idea as possible.
William F. Baker, 2010

Structural engineering underpins wealth creation; it provides a bedrock of infrastructure that supports civilised living: homes for people to live in, places to work, and the life line systems we all need.
Allan Mann, 2011

Think of buildings that people recognise as great buildings: the chances are that those buildings exhibit some sort of underlying logic based on structural principles that your mother, your neighbour or a cab driver could see and understand.
Robert Halvorson, 2016

Watch Jo’s Gold Medal address live online here on 11 October.

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