Liam Sherman, of the Institution's Queensland Young Members Group, takes us on a tour of the bridges of Brisbane.

1. Story Bridge

An iconic part of the Brisbane skyline, the Story Bridge was opened in 1940. The heritage listed steel bridge was designed by engineer John Bradfield, following on from his success as the chief engineer during the design and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The cantilever truss bridge has a total length of 1,375m with a main span of 281m.

Story Bridge(Image by Cyron Ray Macey via Wikimedia Commons) 

2. Gateway Bridge (Sir Leo Hielscher)

Constructed in 1986 as part of the Gateway motorway transport corridor, the Gateway Bridge is the Eastern most crossing of the Brisbane River. The bridge was duplicated in 2010 and officially renamed the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges. The bridges are 1,627m long with a maximum span of 260m, which at the time of construction was the longest prestressed concrete free cantilever bridge in the world. The box girders used in the bridges remain the largest prestressed concrete single box in the world measuring 15m deep by 22m wide at its largest point. The bridge provides a navigational clearance of 55m, allowing cruise ships to access the Portside terminal upstream.
Gateway Bridge(Image by ljm8607 via Wikimedia Commons)

3. Goodwill Bridge

The Goodwill Bridge was opened in 2001 and takes its name from the Goodwill Games which were held in Brisbane that year. The 450m long bridge is a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist bridge that utilises an arch structure for the longest 102m span. 

Goodwill Bridge(Image by Brendan Morley via Wikimedia Commons)

4. Kurilpa Bridge

The boldly designed multi mast Kurilpa Bridge was opened in 2009. Named after the traditional Aboriginal word for the local South Brisbane and West End areas, the bridge is the world's largest tensegrity structure. The seemingly informal geometry of the structure was designed by Arup who arranged the cables and tubes to satisfy Buckmeister Fuller's tensional integrity principle (tensegrity) that utilises isolated compression members within a net of continuous tension. 

Kurilpa Bridge(Image by Paul Guard via Wikimedia Commons)

Construction of the bridge required significant planning across multiple stages with the bridge located directly adjacent to one of Brisbane's busiest road corridors which required minimal disruptions during construction. 

Kurilpa Bridge(Image by Paul Guard via Wikimedia Commons)

5. Neville Bonner

The proposed Neville Bonner Bridge is an element of the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development currently under construction in the Brisbane CBD. The cable-stayed pedestrian bridge will link the site of the new development to South Bank and is anticipated to be completed by 2022. Neville Bonner, Australia's first Indigenous parliamentarian, was a bridge builder prior to his election to federal parliament.

Neville Bonner(Image by Queens Wharf Brisbane)

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