The Lotus Temple in New Delhi won the poll to find the greatest Structural Award cultural icon. Here are four other Delhi structures to admire. What are your favourite Delhi structures and why? Tell us below.

Jawaharlal Nehrum Stadium
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

The original stadium was constructed in 1982 but by 2010 it was in need of extensive retrofitting, both to meet revised seismic codes and to cover the spectator stands.

The new stadium features an innovative roof supported independently from (yet integrated with) the stadium bowl. The new roof carries lighting and PA systems, while supporting frames accommodate ramps and stairs. This great engineering work provides a striking appearance based upon traditional wicker baskets.

Pitampura TV tower
Pitampura TV tower

Built in 1988, the 235m tower consists of a 167m high reinforced concrete shaft topped by a 68m high latticed steel mast, founded on 279 piles of 50cm diameter and 22m depth. The tower is designed to withstand severe cyclones of the type experienced by the city in 1972.

Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court of India

Designed to reflect the scales of justice, with east and west wing as scales connected by the north wing, the impressive dome acts as the fulcrum. Located over the main court room, the dome is 35m above ground level, built in reinforced concrete and resting on a reinforced concrete ring beam which in turn rests on load bearing columns and masonry walls. About 530m³ of concrete and 4600kg of steel were used to construct the dome.

Akshardham dome
Akshardham Mandir

Rising 43m high, 96m wide and 109m long, constructed from Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian marble, this remarkable temple is built without support from steel or concrete, designed according to the principles of Maharishi Vastu Architecture. It opened in 2005.

What’s your favourite Delhi structure and why? Tell us below.

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