Engineers are helping to run activities all over the city in June as part of Open House Families and the London Festival of Architecture.

The Map shows some of the events taking place around the city and the reach of London's vibrant engineering community.


Al dente engineering: Scale Rule, Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf - Learn about the structural characteristics of one of our favourite foods. Enjoy compressing, bending and testing tension in different types of pasta to create your ultimate pasta structure.

Canary Kites: Atelier One, West ferry Circus, Canary Wharf  - Join Atelier One and build your own kite. Learn how to engineer it for the best aerodynamic results and then take to the city skies and test your wings!

Straw-ctural Engineering Challenge: AKTII, Adams Plaza, Canary Wharf - Become a certified AKT II Straw-ctural Engineer by building bridges using drinking straws, paper clips and string. Build the longest bridge possible and see how high up the leaderboard you can get!

Towering Achievement: Brunel Museum - Britain has a proud engineering heritage and 2018 is the Year of Engineering so what better time to explore the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Discover how he shaped the world we live in today and how you can shape the future.


Build with Fabrics: Waterman Structures, Cabot Square - Explore the forces of compression and tension to make your own tensile fabric structures with Waterman Structures Ltd.

Straw Towers: Elliot Wood Partnership, Here East - Build the tallest straw tower you can and see if it can pass the marble challenge set by structural engineers from Elliot Wood Partnership
Structural Cities: Here East - Test the power of pencil and paper to design, engineer and construct houses, factories, schools, hospitals, landmarks, bridges, roads and rail to make the strongest, sturdiest and best city ever!  

Engineering the Vision: WSP, 70 Chancery Lane - enjoy a discussion and exhibition of WSP's work and enjoy a few drinks with the engineers behind some of London’s most iconic buildings. On display will be a range of WSP’s engineering solutions to London’s complex built environment, from complicated, tall and iconic to small, intricate sculptures. Using a selection of engineering sketches, VR and animated models, the buildings will be stripped back to reveal how the engineering and architecture intertwine.


Architecture, Infrastructure and Identity: AECOM, Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman Street  - The identity of a city is as much derived from its infrastructure as its buildings. However, only a small proportion of architects are currently engaged in the design of infrastructure. This panel discussion, hosted by experts from across the architecture and infrastructure worlds, will examine this key issue.  

Next Generation Design Pavilion: Scale Rule, St James Gardens - Every year Scale Rule’s Next Generation Design Pavilion aims to inspire a younger generation to work in construction-related professions. The pavilion is a result of a series of educational workshops led by volunteer industry professionals, bringing GCSE students together from across the city. 

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