Matt Byatt, Chair of the Institution’s Diversity and Social Inclusion Task Group, spells out three reasons the TIStructE grade is a great option for all kinds of employer and structural technician.

A lot of people in construction, members and otherwise, presume there is one very straight direction to Institution membership: in the UK this is generally perceived as the A-Level/ Degree/ Chartered Membership Exam process.
That is of course a hugely important route to membership of our learned society, but in fact, over many years, the Institution has been working hard to provide grades of membership to suit all levels of structural technicians and engineers around the world: I’m living proof: I have no A Levels or degree and I left school at 16, yet over the course of my career I have worked my way up to Fellowship. 

We want to be inclusive in all that we do. Whatever your background, if you’re skilled and passionate about structural engineering, we want to you to join our Institution, progress your career, and grow our community of technical and professional excellence.

TIStructE is one membership grade that I believe is under-utilised by engineering firms at the moment. It not only delivers a route to membership (see our terrific Passport to Practice document for details) but can also serve as an end in itself: the mark of an engineering technician who is ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate about structural engineering.

Here are three reasons to consider the grade, whether you’re an employer or employee:

It helps you win bids:

If, as at my firm, you employ BIM and CAD modellers, you should think about the benefits of encouraging them all into Institution membership. We want our office staff to have a post nominal after their name, as it illustrates to clients that they’re employing a firm who are serious about professional conduct and standards: a project team listing names followed by post-nominals really stands us out from the crowd.

It drives careers forward:

Thanks to the networking opportunities offered by the Institution’s Regional Groups, I can honestly say that I’ve never had to apply for a job by a traditional method: the Institution community provides a unique window into opportunities you might not hear about elsewhere – plus the inspiration, support and confidence provided by friendships with peers operating at the very top of their game.

It comes with great benefits:

All TIStructE members get a free copy of one of the world’s leading engineering publications, The Structural Engineer, discounts on the Institution’s publications, and access to a wealth of online resources like the E-Library. If you’re into broadening your technical knowledge, the Institution is the place to be.

Review Technician Membership.

View Passport to Practice.

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