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Published: 12/04/2019

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Five changes you can expect on the new istructe.org - launching this summer.

All through 2019 everyone at the Institution has been working hard to prepare our new website for launch.
Colleagues from across departments have been collaborating to ensure that the new site launches with the resources and information you expect, under a new brand that better reflects the modern profession.
This month we want to highlight just a few of the improvements to expect on the new site.
The Structural Engineer front and centre
We know that The Structural Engineer magazine is one of the membership benefits you most value. You’ll now find the archive is an integral part of the site.
An integrated bookshop
Our bookshop holds some of our best content – we’re delighted to say that on the new site you’ll be able to access all the great manuals, guides and guidance notes previously accessible at shop.istructe.org via the main site.
Tagged, pooled, searchable resources
In addition to bookshop items we’re bringing together all our webinars, case studies, opinion pieces and online training in one searchable location – tagged by subject, so you can find related content more easily.
Printable event pages
If you’re planning an event through your Regional Group and want to put up posters, you’ll be able to print off the event page in a ready-to-go, branded flyer format – a simple way to save your precious time and spread the Institution’s new brand.
Easier membership applications
We’re aware that our current process could use improvement. That’s why we’re refreshing the application process for Student, Graduate and Chartered Membership to make it a smooth, one-visit process, without the need to download forms and submit via email. This improved feature will roll out in the months following launch.

These are only some specific improvements: from the moment the site launches we’ll be continuing to develop, supporting your needs throughout your career.
We’ll keep you updated on social media and via email as we move towards our launch. Expect further information about the new brand coming soon – and thank-you again to all members who contributed their time to our website project.

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