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Problems logging in

The login routine is able to detect the most common of the login problems and display some guidance. This page has been created to provide additional information on the error messages you may receive.

1. Invalid information entered

Logging into 'My account' requires you to enter a username (your email address) and password. If you receive the 'Invalid information' box it means that our server detected one or more of the following problems:

  • Username (email address) was not in the valid email format
  • Password contains illegal characters (passwords must be alphanumeric)
  • One or both of the login fields were left blank

If you receive the above error message please blank both the username and password login boxes and enter your login details afresh (if your browser attempts to enter the details for you blank the field(s) and manually enter the information to ensure everything is correct).

2. The username and password combination you entered was not found by our login system

The appearance of the above error message indicates that the username (email address) and password entered were in the correct format but could not be found. Our server being unable to find the information you entered could be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Username (email address) entered was not the one you used to register
  • Password entered was incorrect
  • You have never registered for 'My account'

If you are sure you have registered, you can use the 'Forgotten password' page to email your login details to your registered username (email address).

Please note that if the email address entered when registering was invalid or is no longer valid (closed account, changed company etc) you will fail to receive the login details and will need to contact websupport.

The 'Forgotten Password' facility is fully automated and will attempt to send your login details straight away but please allow up to an hour for the details to arrive. If you have multiple email addresses please ensure that you have checked all of your accounts before contacting websupport.

When contacting websupport please provide as much information about your login account as possible (membership number if applicable, date of birth if applicable, possible username, possible password, what you would like the new login details to be etc). We recommend that you use the 'change username' and 'change password' facilities (located inside 'My account') to ensure that your login information is always valid. If you have never registered for 'My account' or are unsure if you have ever registered, you can register by clicking here.

3. A problem has been detected with your security settings

The appearance of the above message indicates that your browser's internet security settings are set quite high (blocking cookies and session cookies) or you are running a firewall which is blocking cookies and session cookies. You will be unable to add items to your shopping basket or login to the Institution's websites (even if the details you enter are correct) until the cookie problem is resolved.

Trouble Registering

The website registration routine has a lot of error checking and validation running which means that it is very good at informing users of registration problems. Listed below are some of the larger problems you may experience:

  1. Date of birth incorrect - The date of birth selected from the drop down boxes did not match the date of birth held in our database. For security reasons your account gets blocked if your date of birth is incorrectly entered three times. If the date of birth you are entering is correct please contact websupport who will be able to resolve this problem.
  2. Email address already in use - The username (email address) you have specified is already registered. An 'email address in use' message often means that you are already registered; use the 'Forgotten password' facility to have your login details emailed to you.
  3. Account blocked - If you receive an 'Account blocked' message the web server is indicating that three attempts to register have been made with the incorrect date of birth. To unblock your account please contact websupport.

Cookie Problems

The Institution's website uses cookies and session cookies in order to log users in to various areas of the site and to run the e-commerce system.

Cookies and session cookies can be blocked by your machine if:

  • Your internet browser is set to block them
  • You have a firewall or some form of internet security device blocking them

Internet Explorer instructions:

  • In your browser, click on the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet options'
  • In the 'Internet options' dialogue box, select the 'Privacy' tab
  • Click the 'Default' button (this should set your browser to medium)
  • Click the 'Apply' button
  • Click 'OK' to close the dialogue box

Google Chrome instructions:

If you use Google Chrome as your internet browser, please click here to find out how to change your permissions.

Mozilla Firefox instructions:

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser, please click here to find out how to change your permissions.

Why Register?

Online registration is a simple and quick process.

Once registered non-members can:

  • Opt to receive the Institution's monthly newsletter, containing the latest information on structural engineering, courses, and publications
  • Purchase publications online
  • Register an interest in Regional Group activities and receive the updates
  • Register an interest in an Institution study group and receive the updates
  • Gain access to the general forum

Members can:

  • Do all of the above
  • Access The Structural Engineer online
  • Access all of the online forum
  • Access your CM/AM exam result
  • Access committee papers (committee members only)
  • Change Members' Directory address and other details online
  • Pay your subscription online
  • Manage your CPD information
  • Receive member discounts on items purchased from the shop area
  • Take part in Institution questionnaires
  • View council election and membership election information

If you are interested in registering now, click here.

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