Professional Guidance Courses

Here is a list of all of the current Management and Leadership Courses we have available.

If you have any queries about our Professional Development programme, please contact Peter Washer, Professional Development Manager to discuss any issues you have relating to CPD courses.

Course Name Date Speaker/Trainer Availability
NEW - Managing High Performance Teams 08/05/2019 Parag Prasad Places Available
Contract Law for Engineers 10/05/2019 Rob Langley Places Available
NEW - Marketing for SMEs 12/06/2019 Parag Prasad Places Available
NEW - Pitching and Sales Skills 03/07/2019 Parag Prasad Places Available
Financial Fundamentals 09/09/2019 Penny Taylor Places Available
NEW - Client Care and Dealing with Complaints 10/09/2019 Rob Langley Places Available
Bid Winning Skills 11/09/2019 Robin Lines Places Available
NEW - Dealing with Domestic Clients 26/09/2019 Rob Langley Places Available
Client Appointments and Terms of Engagement: A Legal Toolkit 27/09/2019 Rob Langley Places Available
Moving into Engineering Management 07/10/2019 Penny Taylor Places Available
Managing Engineering Projects 14/10/2019 David Atkinson Places Available
The Party Wall Act 14/10/2019 Simon Pole Places Available
Contract Law for Engineers 18/10/2019 Rob Langley Places Available
Expert Witnesses: Excellence in Report Writing 11/11/2019 Bond Solon Places Available
Expert Witnesses: Courtroom Skills Training 12/11/2019 Bond Solon Places Available
Writing Skills for Engineers 22/11/2019 Penny Taylor Places Available
The Construction Act: Know Your Rights and Your Duties 22/11/2019 Rob Langley Places Available

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