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Winning essays over past years were published in the Structural Engineer and can be read by clicking on the links below:

2013 - Simon Cook, Michelle Hick and Eleanor Earl
Taking pride of place in London’s skyline is the Shard, an incredible feat of engineering which has brought much positive media attention to both engineers and architects. However, my favourite structure is less well known and can be found below the Shard in the undercroft of London Bridge Station.

2011 - Falicia Cooper
I’m not a fan of massive modern architecture. I don’t like steel frames and enormous windows that try (and never do, might I add) reach the sky. So I should have hated the Kyoto Railway Station. But I didn’t.

2009 - Thomas Bignell and Matthew Powell
Over the years the relationship between the professions of engineering and architecture has changed. Historically both disciplines were amalgamated in one individual: the ‘Master Builder’ who would oversee both the structural form and the aesthetics of the building.

2007 - Giancarlo Torpiano  and Matthew Ward
The last century has witnessed the growth of a divide (created during the Industrial Revolution) between two intimately related professions – that of architect and structural engineer. The role of the 20th century structural engineer was, for the most part, that of being expected to solve, calculate and construct what others had devised. The engineer became an obscure figure, the ‘human calculator’, hidden behind what was perceived as the true genius of the creative architect.

2005 - Oliver Stross and Isona Shibata
Before the 19th century there was little distinction between architecture and engineering.  The Roman writer and architect,
Vitruvius used the terms interchangeably, and although his work, De Architecture, known today as The ten books of architecture are widely regarded as the foundations for the architectural profession, ironically the content could just as easily be described as engineering.

2003 - Sarah Parsons  and Andrew Ardill
The French based ‘design engineering’ firm RFR, founded in 1981 by engineer Peter Rice, architect Ian Ritchie, and
designer Martin Francis could be considered the embodiment of the interrelationship of structural engineering and architecture.

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