Aspiring structural engineers

Student membership
Student Members are aspiring young engineers who have an interest in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). They are a community of 7,000 students around the world who have already taken the first step towards a career in designing structures, creatively bringing conceptual ideas to life, solving challenging problems and developing innovative techniques in structural engineering.

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Near You
The Institution has tens of thousands of members across the globe, operating in over 100 countries.  Regional Group Committee members represent and support members in your area.  From time to time the secretary or representative from your local Regional Group Committee will email you details of meetings and other activities taking place in your area. Theses will include a range of professional and social events which are designed to keep our members up to date with the latest innovations in construction techniques, research, technical studies, legislation, health and safety, design codes and news of flagship projects.  

Be sure to attend such events as they can be informative and relevant to your studies.  Furthermore, they provide you with social and professional networking opportunities to help you build contacts with your peers, industry professionals and engineering companies.
The name and address of appointed Institution secretaries, representatives and specific details about your Regional Group can be obtained from the Near You section on our website

Young Members
As a Student member you can participate in a range of young member activities devised by the Young Members’ Panel or those organised by other professional engineering institutions (PEI) and organisations.  Your involvement in such activities is a good way to demonstrate an interest in the profession outside of your studies and will also add valuable personal and professional experiences to the development of your career.  This will be good to have on your CV as it shows employers and the wider engineering community your commitment to the future of the profession.

Work placements
As a student you should consider undertaking work experience in the industry.  Securing a work placement earlier on in your career may boost your employability.  It may provide you with a valuable opportunity to learn more about life as a structural engineering and set you apart from other candidates.  Employers often look for candidates with practical experience as well as their academic studies. As such, they place emphasis on the skills candidates learn and gain from work placements.  
If a work placements programme is not part of your degree course, i.e. sandwich course or industrial placements, you may wish to consider finding your own work placement. To apply for a placement in all areas of engineering, science, IT, e-commerce, business, marketing, finance and logistic visit the Year in Industry website.  The YINI are UK's leading student placements for students in their gap year before or during their degree course.

For help with finding work placement opportunities and building your CV visit the National Careers Service.  It may also be worthwhile using the following methods:
  • Visit your university’s careers and employability centre
  • Contact your Regional Group Committee
  • Approach companies directly
  • Discuss available work placement opportunities with your university SLO

STEM Ambassadors
STEM Ambassadors are Institution representatives.  They share their enthusiasm and understanding of science, technology, engineering and maths by raising the awareness of engineering careers amongst young people. 
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