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The Institution's new careers leaflet introduces structural engineering to 14-19 year olds. Download the leaflet. We are also partnered with Tomorrow's Engineers and GoConstruct which promote careers in Engineering and Construction to a wide range of young people.

The Institution worked with Expedition Engineering to create instant lessons which teachers can simply download and use.

These include a bridge builders teacher pack, an engineering map, a bridge building competition, an interactive fact file on materials, as well as a bridge investigation project.

To take advantage of these resources, simply download the information found in the above links.

Structural engineering for beginners (in conjunction with Young Members Panel)

Structural engineering for beginnersStructural engineering for beginners is a powerpoint presentation you can use to introduce the topic of structural engineering to a class, covering all the basic elements in an interesting and engaging presentation format.

Use this on its own or in conjunction with practical exercises to inspire the class choose a career in structural engineering.

Download the Structural engineering for beginners or request a copy by contacting the membership department.

The Young Members Panel of the Institution of Structural Engineers has developed a resource for STEM Ambassadors to use in schools.


Building the London Eye (in conjunction with Jacobs Babtie)

London EyeAlthough the Eye's design looks complicated, many of the technical demands are perfectly understandable from topics taught in schools within mathematics and physics at both GCSE and A level. Slides and notes within the presentation show the practical relevance of subjects taught on the curriculum. Highlighted are the differing disciplines required to create the Eye and the career paths pupils may choose to adopt depending on their particular interests.

Download the Building the London Eye presentation or request a copy by contacting the membership department.

Engineering for everyone (in conjunction with Arup)

Engineering for everyoneEngineering for everyone takes university engineering students into local primary schools to talk about structural engineering. The lesson format is in three sections:

  • Firstly a 20 minute presentation asking the children for their ideas about what engineers do and why the engineer's role in society is important.
  • The children are split into groups and given an engineering student to guide them with the design and construction of a bridge to span 50cm between tables using only two sheets of A1 card, sellotape, string and their own creativity for resources.
  • The lesson concludes with a competition that marks the bridges for aesthetics, general design and load-carrying capacity. All children are awarded prizes and certificates.

For further information about the scheme please contact Arup or download a copy of the Engineering for everyone presentation.

Structural mechanics of a park bench (in conjunction with Bartlett Kendall Associates)

Prepared for Year 9 students, the activity demonstrates the relevance of mathematical and scientific theory to a real-life problem and showing how the combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be considered as structural engineering. It can be readily used by teachers with minimal preparation.

For further information about the project download a copy of the structural mechanics of a park bench activity.

Future of Design

Scale Rule, a collective of engineers and architects, has produced a resource about the future of design aimed at students.

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