Past James Sutherland History Lectures

Thomas Leslie Bellezza Architettonica: Pier Luigi Nervi and the role of structure in architectural beauty (view lecture here) 2019
Dr Ing David Wendland Ribs to nowhere and pendant bosses: the structural and geometric design of late Gothic vaults (view lecture here) 2018
John Rees, Aogan Mulcahy and Bob MacKean A Decade in the life of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (view lecture here) 2017
Prof Rainer Barthel The Gothic tower of Freiburg Minster: structural analysis and repair (view lecture here) 2016
Alan Hayward 125 years of steel bridges in Britain. Part 1 / Part 2 (view lecture here) 2015
James Thomson "Not up, not down, but sideways" (view lecture here) 2014
Dr Bill Addis "Toys that save millions" - a history of physical model testing in the design of structures (view lecture here) 2013
Dr Bill Harvey  The Coy Mistress (view lecture here) 2012
Antoine Picon The Aesthetics of engineering (view lecture here) 2011
Ian Firth Lessons From History - The Steel Box Girder Story (view lecture here) 2010
Prof Dr Rainer Graefe The reconstruction of Antoni Gaudi’s smaller church in the Colònia Güell 2009
John Ochsendorf Masonry vaulting: new lessons from master builders 2008
Michel Virlogeux Great engineers 2007
Santiago Huerta Geometry and equilibrium: the gothic theory of structural design 2006
Sam Price and Helen Rogers Stone cantilevered staircases 2005
Dr John Roberts Fairground rides and wheels 2004
Werner Lorenz The first decades of building with iron and steel in Germany 2003
Ted Ruddock Some iron suspension bridges in Scotland 1816-1834 and their origins 2002
James Sutherland Back to the 'sixties' (1955-1975) 2001
Dr Francis Walley From bomb shelters to postwar buildings: 40 years' work as a civil engineer in government 2000
Frank Newby Felix Samuely 1999
Lawrance Hurst An iron lineage 1998
Prof Sir Alan Harris Freyssinet: the genius of prestressing 1997
Derek Sugden People and places: 50 years of recent history 1996
Dr Rowland Mainstone The springs of invention revisited 1995
James Sutherland Active engineering history 1994
Prof Roland Paxton Robert Stevenson CE 1993*
Prof Jacques Heyman The structure of gothic 1992*
Dr Norman Smith The Roman bridge builder 1991*
Dr Euan Corlett The rise and fall of iron ship construction 1989*

* Star History Lecture

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