Young Researchers Conference 2019: Posters

Flexural behaviour of concrete-filled rectangular flange girders (CFRFGs)
Rana Al-Dujele - Brunel University London
Structural behaviour of steel fibre reinforced lightweight concrete
Hasanain Al-Naimi – University of East London
The behaviour of masonry arch bridges containing internal spandrel walls
Serena Amodio - University of Sheffield
Development of reciprocally supported FRP jointing systems – experimental and numerical study
Echekwumemchukwu Badifu - Coventry University
Optimisation tools to assist efficient and sustainable design of tall buildings
Laura Bellamy - Imperial College London
Shear strength enhancement of RC beams loaded in the tension face
Abobakr Elwakeel - Imperial College London
Optimisation of conceptual structural design in BIM
Tofigh Hamidavi - University of Portsmouth
Structural design of chord plastification in high strength steel CHS X-joints
Xiaoyi Lan - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Satellite-based assessment of tunnelling-induced building deformations
Valentina Macchiarulo - University of Bath
Stainless steel members in fire
Asif Mohammed - Brunel University London
Behaviour of novel structural elements RC columns with FRP reinforcement
Paviz Nabi - Kingston University
Shear response and evaluation of pultruded FRP-concrete push-outs    
Offiong Etim - Coventry University
Investigation on the behaviour of concrete beams with stainless steel reinforcement     
Musab Rabi - Brunel University London
Performance – based seismic assessment of RC SMRF compliant & noncompliant structures
Muhammad Rizwan - University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan
A new bridge live load model for South Africa     
Pierre van der Spuy - Stellenbosch University, South Africa

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