The Gold Medal

For outstanding contributions to the advancement of structural engineering.

The Medal is recognised around the world as a mark of unique accomplishment in the profession. It was first presented in 1922, to Professor Henry Adams. Other past recipients include Felix Candela, Ove Arup, Oleg Kerensky and Edmund Happold.

2019 Gold Medallist: James O'Callaghan FIStructE

James O'Callaghan
James O'Callaghan, co-founder of Eckersley O’Callaghan, has been named our 2019 Gold Medallist in recognition of his internationally-leading expertise in the creative and ambitious use of structural glass

Over the last two decades, James  has pushed the development of glass as a structural material, exploring its behavior and its limits in creating increasingly ambitious transparent structures.

Gold Medal Address - 21 May 2019

In his address, James will describe the huge leaps that have been made with glass, examining the close relationship between engineering and fabrication; a relationship that James believes is fundamental to the success of any engineering innovation.

Close collaboration between industry and research institutes continues to drive technological advances. James will take a look at the exciting possibilities of what might be achieved and how these advances could deal with significant challenges facing the discipline.

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2018 Medallist

Our 2018 Gold Medal

Professor Ding specialises in steel structures, super high-rise buildings and long-span complex structural systems.

2017 Medallist

Our 2017 Gold Medal

Jo da Silva, Director of Arup’s International Development Group, was awarded our 2017 Gold Medal.

2016 Medallist

Our 2016 Gold Medal

Our 2016 Gold Medallist was Robert Halvorson, of Halvorson and Partners.

Previous Winners

Previous Winners

Learn about our previous winners, from Henry Adams to Tristram Carfrae.

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