Our Previous Winners

Some of the most illustrious names in engineering history have been presented wiht our Gold Medal:

Felix Candela (1960) "A Structural Artist"

After serving as a Captain of Engineers (fighting Facist forces) in the Spanish Civil War, Candela was unable to work in Spain, so began a career in Mexico. Candela was recognised by the Institution for his pioneering work in reinforced concrete shell structures based on ultra-thin, hyperbolic paraboloid forms. Later on in his career he did design some structures in Spain, like the spectacular entrance building to "Oceonographic" in Valencia, Spain, which features 26 meter tall glass walls. (Image source Felipe Gabaldon, Commons Wikimedia)

Watch Maria Garlock from Princeton University discuss Felix Candela and engineering as works of art.

Watch the American Concrete Institute Candela video: Strength and Elegance in Structural Engineering

Pier Luigi Nervi (1967)

An Italian Engineer recognised for his innovative use of reinforced concrete, Nervi taught as a professor of engineering at Rome University from 1946-61. Famous works include The Cathedral of St Mary in San Fransisco, which stands 190 feet (57.9 m) high and is crowned with a 55 feet (16.7 m) golden cross. (Image credit l0da_ralta, Commons Wikimedia)

Ove Arup (1973)

A Danish/ British engineer, Ove Arup was recognised for his extraordinary contribution to the structural engineering profession, having played a significant part in projects as diverse as the "Mulberry" temporary harbours used during the D-Day landings in World War Two, Sydney Opera House, and Kingsgate Bridge in Durham. (Image credit Alex Proimos, Commons Wikimedia)

Watch "The Art of Engineering" and see Ove Arup talking about design and the Sydney Opera House.

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