2012 Winners

Congratulations to everyone who won an Institution Award in 2012!

Henry Adams Award - for papers relating to structural engineering research and/or development. Two diplomas were awarded:

To John Orr, Dr Antony Darby, Professor Tim Ibell, Michael Otlet and Mark Evernden for their paper "Concrete structures using fabric formwork" published in April 2011.

To Dr Andy Buchanan, Alessandro Palermo, David Carradine and Stefano Pampanin for their paper "Post-tensioned timber framed buildings" published in September 2011.

Murray Buxton Award - for papers of general interest. Two diplomas were awarded:

To Adam Pearce and Jac Cross for their paper "Structural Vibration - a discussion of modern method" published in June 2011.

To Trevor Robertson for his paper "Forsyth Barr Stadium - Dunedin, New Zealand - A new fully roofed rugby stadium for Otago" published in September 2011.

Guthrie Brown Award - for papers of merit, written by a member/s under 40 years of age.

This Award was presented to Ben Lewis for his paper "Centre Pompidou - Metz: Engineering the roof" published in September 2011.

Derrington Construction Award - for papers of merit deemed to refer to construction and/or health and safety.

This Award was presented to Jon Varndell, Peter Lipscombe and Ian Billings for their paper "Newmarket Viaduct deconstruction" published in September 2011.

Husband Prize - for papers of merit related to bridges.

Diplomas were awarded to Yen Lei Voo, Patrick Augustin and Thomas Thamboe for their paper "Construction and design of a 50m single span uhp ductile concrete composite road bridge" published in August 2011.

Clancy Prize - for papers of merit related to the understanding and practice of the whole life management of structures, including surveys, investigations, strategic planning, testing and subsequent works to the structure.

This Award was presented to Robert Wodehouse for his paper "Structure within existing London Underground stations and adjacent to the track" published in June 2011.

Award Scheme for Excellence in Structural Engineering Education - to celebrate individuals committed to teaching and passing on their wisdom in the field of structural engineering

This was awarded to Neil Currie, Jonathan Haynes,  Phil Leach, Jinyan Wang and Laurence Weekes for their contribution to The School of Computing, Science & Engineering at the University of Salford.

A commendation was presented to Professor Tim Ibell, Mark Evernden and Antony Darby for their work at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath.

Kenneth Severn Award - for papers, written by an author/or authors who are 28 years of age or under, on a topic chosen by the President.

A commendation was awarded to Simon Denzil Foakes for his response to President John Nolan's question "A good structural engineer has value way beyond his cost to his client. How can that simple message be relayed with the pressures on everyone looking at the bottom line rather than what is included within that?"

The Educational Trust Pai Lin Li Travel Award - a grant awarded to members of the Institution to spend four to six weeks outside their own country studying current practise in relation to the use of construction materials in the field of structural engineering.

This was awarded to two recipients, Sebastian Kaminski for his proposal "Engineered bamboo houses for low-income communities in Latin America" and to Christopher Morris for his proposal "Structural use of Fibre Reinforced Plastics in Bridges in Europe and North America" 

The Young Structural Engineer International Design Competition - for structural engineers and individuals under the age of 30 who are taking, or have successfully completed, a recognised structural engineering course

This Award was presented to Timothy James Landers, with two commendations presented to Claire Gott, Robert Wiesner and Adam Lane and to Pavel Tomek, Bicholas Borner and Sonja Abhyankar

Best Submission by an Undergraduate was awarded to Najwa Jawahar

The Model and Full Scale Testing Award - to promote awareness amongst students about the potential of physical testing as part of the design process.

This Award was presented to Paul McNulty

Young Structural Engineer of the Year 2012 - for reports submitted by candidates under the age of 28 on a structural engineering project they have been extensively involved with.

This was awarded to Eva MacNamara for her project "The Dune Grass on Blackpool Promenade"

Service Awards - were awarded to four recipients in 2012:

James Child, for his much valued and extensive support to the Midland Counties Regional Group over a period of many years.

Professor Wiranjith Priyan Diaf, for his much valued and extensive support to the Institution as a representative in Sri Lanka over a period of many years.

David Lau Hack Gin, for his much valued and extensive support to the Malaysian Regional Group over a period of many years.

Christopher Wood, for his much valued and extensive support to the South Eastern Counties Regional Group over a period of many years.

Lewis Kent Award - there were four winners in 2012:

Brian Bell, for his dedicated service to the Institution through his diligent and thoughtful contributions in a wide variety of roles and for his service to the Bedfordshire and Adjoining Counties Regional Groups.

David Matin Lilley, for his dedicated service to the Institution through Council, the Northern Thames Counties Regional Group and through the many varied Institution roles he has held over many years.

John Tubman,  for his dedicated service to the Institution through Council, the Southern Regional Group and his widespread contributions to the committees, panels and groups that drive the work of the Institution.

Alistair Soane, for his dedicated service as Director of CROSS and his contribution to the work of the Institution's Journal Editorial Board and Technical Task Groups over many years.

Keith Eaton International Award - awarded to Kirak Kumar Sen, for his much valued support to the Institution, particularly in his leading role in developing the Institution in India and as Chairman of the International Interest Group.

Lifetime Achievement Award - awarded to Anthony Strong, for his dedicated service to the Midland Counties Regional Group in many different capacities, including Chairman, Secretary and Benevolent Fund representative. It is also recognition of his involvement in the Concept Design Course for over 20 years.

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