Previous Research Award holders

The Research Award has supported collaborations between leading research institutions like Imperial College London, Cambridge University and UCL with outstanding engineering firms like Arup, Ramboll and Expedition Engineering.

2018 Awards

Three Awards of £6,000 were made:

Dr Adam Jan Sadowski of Imperial College London will be working with COWI to experimentally explore and numerically describe the ductile behavior of hollow steel sections in cyclical loading in the inelastic range. 

View more details of Dr Adam Jan Sadowski's project.

Dr Benny Suryanto of Heriot-Watt University will be working with MPA The Concrete Centre to develop recommendations for the casting position factor ղ1 used in the determination of basic bond strength of reinforcement in EC2.

View more details of Dr Benny Suryanto's project.

Dr John Hugh George Macdonald of University of Bristol will be working with AKT II to identify the actual wind loading and dynamic response of a tall building from full-scale data. The building has already been monitored by AKT II, in collaboration with GasDynamics. It has been monitored continuously since October 2017, covering a good range of wind conditions including some storm events.

View more details of Dr John Hugh George Macdonald's project.

2016 Awards

Three Awards of £6,000 were made:

Professor Ahmed Y. Elghazouli and Dr Dan Bompa of Imperial College London is undertaking research to provide much-needed guidance on the seismic performance requirements for using mechanical reinforcement couplers in reinforced concrete structures. The researchers are working with coupler manufacturer Dextra Group, code committees and design staff at Atkins to ensure the results are of value to designers, material testing standards committees, and seismic design code committees.View more details of Professor Ahmed Y. Elghazouli’s project.

Dr Wendel Sebastian and Joshua Mudie of University of Bristol are working with Arup to investigate hybrid timber-concrete floors. This lightweight, low-carbon floor system has tremendous potential for prefabrication which will speed-up construction work on site. It is hoped that this project will spawn a much larger (EPSRC) project, the output of which would keep the UK at the leading edge of low-carbon construction globally. View more details of Dr Wendel Sebastian’s project.

Dr Stylianos Yaitros and Professor Brennan of Cranfield university partnered with Ramboll to perform vibration testing of steel foam sandwich components, explored new applications for this material which can both absorb vibrations and mitigate buckling improving fatigue life. This pilot study had the intention to lead to further research and development of multifunctional wind turbine stiffeners, giving UK industry and academia an edge. View the results of Dr Stylianos Yiatros project.

2014 Award

One Award of £6000 was made:

Dr Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype of Imperial College London worked with Ramboll to develop a fundamental understanding on the lateral response of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels. This is an important step towards developing analysis methods that could enable structural engineers to design taller timber buildings. View more details of Dr Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype's project.

2013 Award

Two Awards of £6000 were made in 2013:

Dr Mauro Overend of University of Cambridge supervised a PhD student and worked with Dow Corning Limited to investigate the composite structural behaviour between glass and FRP. View more details of Dr Mauro Overend’s project and the research article is available here.

Dr Philippe Duffour of University College London worked with Expedition to build a large-scale prototype that demonstrates that active elements strategically located and controlled save large amounts of energy over the structure’s whole life. View more details of Dr Philippe Duffour’s project.

2012 Award

Two Awards of £5000 were made in 2012:

Dr Mithila Achintha of University of Southampton supervised a PhD student exploring the efficacy of thin, transparent, self-adhesive glass fibre polymer sheets to prestress glass panels. View more details of Dr Mithila Achintha’s project.

Dr Jian Yang and Dr Samir Dirar of University of Birmingham supervised two PhD students aiming to engineer corrosion-free rail sleepers and ballast-less track systems that require low maintenance. Central to this work was the use of waste tyre particles and recycled concrete aggregates to increase sustainability credentials and reduce construction costs. View more details of Drs Yang and Dirar’s project.

2011 Award

Two Awards of £5000 were made in 2011:

Dr Prakash Kripakaran of University of Exeter investigated the application of non-linear elastic wave spectroscopy for the early detection of delamination in fibre reinforced polymer retrofitted concrete structural elements. View Dr Prakash Kripakaran's entry and research articles in The Structural Engineer and Innovation and Research Focus Issue 92.

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