Deflections in Concrete


This course covers the calculation of deflection in slabs and beams according to Eurocode 2. The influence of construction loading on long term deflection will be considered. The importance of differentiating between load induced deflections and construction tolerances will be highlighted. Reference will be made to a case study at Cardington. The background and use of the Eurocode 2 span to depth rules will be discussed.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:
  • Carry out calculations of deflection
  • Assess the influence on deflection of creep, shrinkage, loss of tension stiffening and construction loading
  • Choose suitable concrete material properties for deflection calculation
  • Understand why the calculation of deflection at the design stage is not an exact science
  • Explain the importance of good communication to avoid deflection related disputes on site


Robert Vollum joined Imperial College London as a lecturer in the early 1990s, following a decade of working in the industry. He has been a reader in concrete structures since 2011. His research interests encompass long-term deflections of reinforced concrete slabs, beam-column joints, shear in beams, punching shear, numerical modelling of reinforced concrete structures, strut and tie modelling, and control of early age thermal cracking.

He developed a method for predicting the deflection of slabs that takes construction loading into account. More recently, he led an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council project (EP/D505488/1), which developed a design method for using concrete blinding as struts in cut and cover excavations. Robert also represents the Concrete Society on British Standards Institution Committee for EC2 B/525/2 Structural Use of Concrete.

Intended for

Graduate engineers. The material is relevant to the Chartered Membership Exam, but is not essential.

Entry criteria

Prior experience of designing concrete structures will be assumed.

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14:00 - 18:00

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Robert Vollum

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