Seismic Design of Structures


This course introduces the seismic design of civil engineering structures, covering the basics of structural dynamics and engineering seismology. The course will focus specifically on seismic loading and design codes, design principles and analysis for seismic loading, and design and detailing of structural members. Advanced topics like seismic isolation and performance-based design will also be addressed.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:
  • Identify situations where earthquake loading must be included in the design of structures and how to define this loading
  • Understand the basic principles of seismic design and select appropriate performance requirements for structures subjected to earthquake loads
  • Select an appropriate structural configuration for a building situated in a seismic zone
  • Analyse a building for combined service and seismic loading
  • Design and detail reinforced concrete structures
  • Design and detail steel and composite structures and detail them for adequate seismic performance
  • Design seismically isolated structures

Professor Andreas Kappos is Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Research Centre for Civil Engineering Structures at City University, London. He works in the field of earthquake structural engineering, in particular on analysis procedures for structures subjected to earthquake loading, and has developed several methods and models for seismic assessment of these structures, as well as design procedures based on the use of modern analysis tools (both deterministic and probabilistic). He was also involved in experimental work on the behaviour of reinforced concrete members subjected to cyclic loading, with emphasis on structural walls with special types of reinforcement and/or retrofitted using fibre-reinforced polymers and, more recently steel-reinforced polymers.
Professor Cedric D’Mello is Professor of Structural Engineering at City University London. His research work is largely in the area of very large scale testing, both in the laboratory and on location on oil rigs and large office buildings. The main focus is on composite structures, starting initially with grouted connections in offshore structures and currently on long span composite floors in buildings. All of the research work has been linked to industrial need and much of it has been supported by UK and European funding bodies and by industry. A further area of research has been in the area of dynamics of structures, particularly on the dynamics of long span floors. Professor D’Mello’s current research activity is on long span floors and particularly on the ultra slim floor beam, in which the floor slab is incorporated within the beam depth.

Dr Agathoklis Giaralis is a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at City University London, where he leads the Structural Dynamics Research Group focusing on nonlinear stochastic dynamics approaches and on time-frequency signal analysis techniques for earthquake engineering, seismic structural design and assessment, structural health monitoring, and passive vibration control applications.

Intended for:

Civil or structural engineers involved in the design of structures (only buildings can be covered within the available time).

Entry criteria:

Participants should be familiar with the principles of structural design and the basics of structural dynamics.

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08/11/2018 - 09/11/2018

10:00 - 17:30

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The Institution of Structural Engineers, International HQ, 47-58 Bastwick Street, London, EC1V 3PS, United Kingdom

Andreas Kappos, Cedric D’Mello
& Agathoklis Giaralis

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