EEFIT Research Projects Showcase

This lecture showcases the findings of two post-earthquake research projects, funded by EEFIT (Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team). Both projects have produced guidance for field work. The projects are:

Mechanical Characterization of Traditional Brick Masonry in Kathmandu, Nepal 

Reconstruction following the Gorkha Earthquakes of April and May 2015 in Nepal has fuelled a renewed demand for bricks and also revitalised the research for improved construction materials and techniques, capable of reducing the vulnerability of buildings against seismic actions. This research undertaken by Claudio Corallo of The Morton Partnership Ltd and Evan Speer of the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust will provide much-needed scientific data to the problem of the variability of mechanical properties of bedding mortars and bricks in traditional Nepali masonry construction. The research will provide details of successful mortar mixes and measured mechanical properties of mortars and bricks. More details about the project are available here.

Cumulative damage assessment and strengthening efficiency of masonry buildings in Norcia affected by the 2016 seismic events in Central Italy

Prof Dina D’Ayala and Valentina Putrino of University College London will explore the evolution of seismic damage to the residential masonry buildings in Norcia and assess the effectiveness of strengthening devices put in place on this building stock. The data that will be collected from this much-needed systematic study will enhance and improve the existing set of fragility functions used to evaluate the seismic vulnerability of historic city centres in Italy. The study of the efficacy of different strengthening solutions will support the amendment of the Italian Seismic Code amongst others and generate lessons applicable to India, Nepal, Portugal and Greece. More details about the project are available here.

This lecture is brought to you by the UK Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team ( which is serviced by The Institution of Structural Engineers.

Non-members of EEFIT are welcome to attend.

This event will also be available to watch via livestream.


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Claudio Corallo and Valentina Putrino

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