History Study Group: Tensegrity Systems: a brief history


Geoff Morrow will present a summary of Tensegrity structures: a brief history, clarify its defining characteristics, categorisation of types, constructed examples of Tensegrity structures, and propose future applications of the system. Geoff will also present a demountable ‘Tension Pavilion’ that StructureMode designed and constructed using a pure Tensegrity system. Geoff presented a peer reviewed research paper on this at the IASS 2018 conference at MIT this summer. Copies of the full paper will be available for attendees.

Geoff is a chartered member of the Institution of Structural Engineers. He founded StructureMode in 2007, driven by his passion for beautiful and sustainable design through a creative, innovative and collaborative approach to structural engineering. He has an excellent track record of sensitive refurbishment of historic buildings as well as innovative new build projects. Hef has led all projects at StructureMode since its inception 11 years ago, a selection of which can be viewed online: www.structuremode.com/projects/

Geoff is also a sculptor, working mainly in steel and clay, and has exhibited in a V&A competition and the ‘Shoreham Sculpture Trail’ hosted by the London Group. Geoff is a trustee of ‘Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust’.

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Institution HQ, 47-58 Bastwick Street, London, EC1V 3PS

Geoff Morrow

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