Tall timber sustainable construction post Hackitt: a third party Industry Workshop from Swedish Wood

This is a third-party event organised by Swedish Wood and hosted by The Institution of Structural Engineers.

Hosted by Swedish Wood, this industry workshop brings together leading experts from the UK and Sweden to share their knowledge, experience and vision for the future.


Building with timber systems has never been more topical in the UK: as a solution for sustainable construction; as a way of revolutionising programme velocity, building accuracy and on-site labour requirements; and as a way of creating healthy buildings to live in.

Skelleftea-Kulturhus_01_Image-by-White-Arkitekter-copy.jpgBut new building regulations pose challenges for timber structures in residential buildings over 18m high. Structural engineers are at the heart of providing solutions to allow architects to create the sustainable buildings our cities need.


Kirsten Haggart, senior associate of Waugh Thistleton Architects - on her experience of building with CLT and new ways to build tall with engineered timber.

Professor Gideon Henderson (chair of the joint report by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society on greenhouse gas removal technologies)  - on the importance of low carbon construction technologies to reducing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Robert Schmitz, partner in White Arkitketer,  - on the challenges of building tall engineered timber buildings in Sweden, including SkellefteĆ„ Cultural Centre and hybrid solutions of glulam, CLT, steel etc.

Alan Dowdall, Associate of Ramboll UK, who worked on Dalston Works, the world’s largest CLT project to date - on the future of CLT and other engineered timber structural solutions.

Andrew Lawrence, Associate Director and leading timber specialist at Arup - on his work with Arup Fire building confidence in the fire safety of multi-storey timber.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion with the panel, chaired by Kirsten.

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10:00 - 15:00


The Institution of Structural Engineers, International HQ, 47-58 Bastwick Street, London, EC1V 3PS, United Kingdom

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Swedish Wood

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