The Arc
Date & Time

24 May 2023
18:00 - 19:30 BST





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The Arc: bamboo as low-carbon structural material

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Date & Time

24 May 2023
18:00 - 19:30 BST





The fourth technical lecture of the 2023 series describes the prototyping, testing and design approach that enabled the realisation of the Arc, the gymnasium for the Green School in Bali, whose project team was awarded for advancing the structural application of low-carbon materials at the 2022 Structural Awards.

The Arc, designed in collaboration with Ibuku and Jorg Stamm, is Atelier One’s most successful implementation of structural bamboo to date, featuring 23m spanning arches connected by structurally contributing saddle surfaces.
Recognised by IStructE as the joint winner of the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence 2022, the Arc demonstrates how a natural material can be proven for structural use and how form-active structures can improve material efficiency.
The lecture will showcase how structural bamboo, an underutilised but burgeoning structural material, can be pivotal in reducing carbon in construction and will offer key considerations in its prototyping, testing, and designing.

Reasons to attend

  • Hear about the research, design process and project-specific testing that enabled the construction of the Arc

  • Get a glimpse into the future of bamboo as a structural material, and at the exciting developments in Europe connected to it

  • Discover the unique properties of bamboo and why it is worth pursuing research on and implementation of this material

  • Learn how bamboo can be proven for structural use and how form-active structures can improve material efficiency

Intended for

  • Graduates to Chartered Structural Engineers  

  • Designers, Architects, Constructors

  • All those interested in natural materials, form-active structures and low-carbon construction

About Atelier One

Atelier One has built a world-class reputation for ingenuity and innovation in the field of structural engineering They have been developing their understanding and experience of structural bamboo over the last 10 years.


Chris Matthews, Associate Director, Atelier One Speaker

Chris is a chartered structural engineer and an Associate Director at Atelier One. Since joining Atelier One in 2011, Chris has been involved in a broad array of projects. Specialities include structural engineering for unusual structures; staging and stadium shows; film engineering; timber structures; bamboo structures; art installations; geometrical optimisation of form-active roof structures. Chris has designed two world record-breaking Walls of Death.


Email - [email protected]

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