How to design and engineer mass timber and hybrid multi-storey structures (sponsored content)
Date & Time

27 April 2021
15:00 - 16:00 BST

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How to design and engineer mass timber and hybrid multi-storey structures (sponsored content)

Date & Time

27 April 2021
15:00 - 16:00 BST

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A webinar by Rothoblaas

Discover the latest solutions for multi-rise hybrid and timber structures. Listen to what experts have to say about:
  • Timber connections
  • Fire resistance
  • Durability
  • Seismic and acoustic performance
  • Design
Prof Luca Pozza, Engineering professor at the University of Bologna and Matteo Andreottola, structural engineer specialized in timber will be guiding you though the technical module.

Eng Stefano Muscoloni, UK Sales Manager and Peter Theobald, technical product representative of South-west England will be offering their market insights and collecting your questions.


About Rothoblaas

Today Rothoblaas marks its 30th anniversary in the industry and is directly represented over 35 countries. It relies on 12 distribution centres worldwide and just established its British subsidiary.

Overall, over 350 timber enthusiasts are employed by Rothoblaas, 6 of which are devoted to support the UK and Irish market. Rothoblaas commits to the UK and opened a subsidiary in 2021; English customers have been trusting the brand since 2010.

If you are a timber building professionals, looking to get updates on the latest trends and technology setting valuable connections in the industry, be sure not to miss this webinar.



Matteo Andreottola

Matteo Andreottola is a technical consultant for Rothoblaas. He graduated with full marks at the university of Trento, with a thesis on a design of an exhibition centre with timber structures (with the well-known professor Maurizio Piazza). The design of timber structures has always been his passion and job after the end of the university.

Luca Pozza

Luca is an Engineering Professor at the University of Bologna.

Stefano Muscoloni

Stefano Muscoloni is area Manager for Rothoblaas in the UK, Ireland and Iceland. 

He worked for 5 years in different engineering firms designing green buildings, timber structures, energy retrofit, life cycle analysis and environmental comfort of buildings. 

Peter Theobald

Peter joined the company in 2019 developing his passion for timber and construction from a practical carpentry background. He holds City and Guilds level two qualifications in both joinery and site carpentry as well as an HNC in construction and the built environment. Working at Rothoblaas he follows all the product categories helping designers and woodworkers access the company’s solutions and products.

About Rothoblaas

Rothoblaas manufactures and distributes robust fixings, waterproof and acoustic membranes, safety systems and woodworking tools aiming to the optimization and reliability of timber structures.

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