Structural insight from photogrammetric 3D modelling

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Gaining an understanding of the history and behaviour of masonry bridges is challenging. Failing to do so leads to work being undertaken which is at best useless and often actively harmful. Usually, all we have to go on is the structure itself: its geometry, and the condition at the surface.
Over recent years BHAL have developed very high detail 3D modelling of structures from photographs, and simple but powerful tools to view and interrogate these models to draw out insights into history and behaviour.
Hamish will introduce the process of 3D modelling from photographs, describe the collection of dense sets of photographs to produce models with very high levels of detail, and demonstrate how interactive tools enable understanding to develop through a dialogue with the structure.


Hamish Harvey was exposed to masonry bridges from an early age, but was more taken by computing. He spent some years after graduating trying to ignore bridges, working on flood forecasting and flood risk at Bristol then Newcastle Universities. In 2010 he joined his father’s business to focus on monitoring R&D and applications. The applications being mainly masonry, he has been on a rapid learning curve ever since, interest growing with knowledge, and has had the privilege of working on some remarkable structures.

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18:30 - 20:30


University of Exeter, Lecture Theatre 101, Harrison Building, N Park Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4QF

Hamish Harvey

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Bill Harvey Associates Ltd.

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David Bray

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Tea, coffee and sandwiches available in the foyer of Harrison Building at 18:30

Parking space is available on campus

The venue is marked 23 on the map:


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