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Site User - 04/02/2019 19:58:34
Thinking of starting up again
Hi all,
i did a Civ Eng degree in 1996 and did a little bit of work in Singapore before starting work in the military. I’m now a pilot who’s getting a bit long in the tooth and passing my medical is becoming more of a stretch every year. 
I recently got forced to sign off a simple beam calculation for my own garage because there simply isn’t anyone available in my local area. 
With that in mind I am now interested in starting up as a structural engineer doing simple stuff for building regs but would really appreciate your advice. I would want to refresh myself of the basics and gain confidence before charging anyone for my services. Is there a simple online course available to help bring me up to speed? Also, PI insurance. How many jobs would I need to do to make it worthwhile? I’d be happy to break even because I simply want to have a fall back option should my flying job disappear/ I fail my medical. Thanks very much. Please be honest and frank if you think this is a non starter. Simon

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Site User - 05/02/2019 11:48:34
RE:Thinking of starting up again
Take logical consequences into consideration and if you hav confidence about what your gut feeling is saying then go follow your heart

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