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Amir Itamar - 07/02/2019 07:42:07
Retrospectively Collated Route for chartership
Dear All,

I'm a graduate member of the institution with 1.5 years experience I gained outside the UK. 

I'm looking forward to start my IPD (as well as my CPD).
A chartered friend has told me it's possible to gain work experience from outside the UK as long as you have a proper mentor accompanying you through the process as per the IPD requirements.

Has anyone been in the same situation and has gone through the process from outside the UK? If so, I would love to get some guidance as to how to initiate the process. I'm currently leaning to go for the Retrospectively Collated Route, so any tips regarding the route would be very useful.

Kind Regards,

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Nabil Attari - 10/02/2019 05:33:23
RE:Retrospectively Collated Route for chartership
Dear Amir,

Your question has few sub queries need to be clarified in detail,
Please read the following in careful;

The work experiences, which demonstrate your competency in the core objectives, can be definitely from outside of the UK (as you friend said).

First of all, you have to know which route you have to follow in you IPD preparation and getting a formal confirmation from the institution on that before you start (By mailing the membership team).

Now, if you are following the “Individually Managed Route” in your IPD preparation, that experience must be carried out under a professional monitoring by a chartered engineer. This is means that one chartered colleague in your work place must follow and monitor your roles and tasks; then to sign off the IPD forms quarterly.

However, if you are following the “Retrospectively Collated Route” in you IPD preparation, the work experience does not required to be under a professional monitoring by a chartered engineer. In this case, the demonstrating of your capability and competence is your responsibility throughout the solid documentations provided and presented in the IPD portfolio and during PRE (professional review interview).

Coming back to your current experience gained (1.5 years), this period doesn't allow (as I know) you to follow the “Retrospectively Collated Route”. Your IPD option is only “Individually Managed Route”; but you can use that period somehow in your IPD.

This is not final decision, you have to email the institution and get their assessment for your case, and then start base on that.

Let me share with you my personal process in this regard,

When I got the graduate membership, I was hold 8 years of experiences at UAE. Firstly, I followed the “Individually Managed Route” for my IPD under monitoring of my direct manager, who was a chartered engineer.  After more than one year, I had been advised by one older Chartered Engineer that my previous experience (8 years) allows me to follow the “Retrospectively Collated Route”. Instantly I contacted the institution and they send me a confirmation email saying that I can do so. I continued under this route until I complete the IPD.

1) Always ask the institution themselves before you start any step in your journey to be a Chartered Engineer.
2) Keep all correspondences in your record for using whenever it needed to proof any decision you make throughout the whole journey period.
3) Read this helpful document very curefully;

Hoping this is useful.

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