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Presidential Address

I have been too busy in these last few years to sit down and write addresses, but I have made a few notes, and the shorthand writers will take my remarks down verbatim. At one time I intended to give an address here on "Relativity," as I thought that would be a scientific problem of very great interest to the members, but the more I studied that question the more it appeared that it was a subject unsuitable for an address of one hour only. I fear that many of those popular articles which attempt, in a thousand words, to tell you all about "Relativity" fall very far short of their aim. I have also formed the opinion that two years is not too long to learn the responsible duties with which you have entrusted me, and I call upon all the distinguished gentlemen who have trodden the Presidential path before me to bear witness that the task which they undertook with the greatest reluctance was the preparation of a second Presidential Address before the same Institute. I make the suggestion that the future holders of this office should be absolved from this double penance. However, in the present instance my task is brightened by the pleasant privilege of formally introducing to the general body of members the new Secretary, Captain Maurice G. Kiddy. E. Fiander Etchells