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Monolithic Piles

A “Monolith ” pile is a concrete pile which is cast in its permanent position in a hole prepared for the purpose. The hole for the pile is formed by driving a hollow steel cylinder or tube, 16 ins. diameter, with the bottom end sealed with a special shoe, in the same manner as a pile. When the hollow or tube is driven to the final penetration, it is filled with plastic concrete to a height of several feet (according to the length of the pile) above the desired finished top of the pile. Thecylinder or tube is thcn slowly withdrawn, leaving the shoe in position. (See Figure 1.) In this manner, the concrete fills the entire void left by the hollow cylihder or tube, and any irregularities of the earth, cementing and uniting the surroundirig soil, this gives thc “Monolith” pile a frictional resistance greater than any other type of pile of equal diameter and length. In all cases where “Monolith” piles have been exposed, they have been found almost perfectly cylindrical and of a greater diameter than l6 ins.