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Volume Changes in Soils

Introduction The expression a p - S = U is used in a method of calculating the equilibrium moisture distribution in soils, where a = a compressibility factor; S = the suction characteristic of the soil; U = the pore water pressure relative to the position of the water-table;and P = the pressure due to the overburden above the zone under consideration. The value p can also include any surface loading n due to a road, runway, or light structure, i.e., p = h Dw, + n, where h = depth from the surface to the centre of the zone: Dw = Dd (100 + m)/ 100 = bulk density of the soil,and Dd is the dry density: m = a value of moisture content assumed as a first approximation (this may be adjusted when the equilibrium moisture contents have been estimated once, by choosing the new value of m to give a better estimate of Dw). E. LL. Morgan

Author(s): Morgan, E L

Keywords: soils;properties;expanding;shrinkage;clay