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A New System of Reinforced Concrete Construction and its Application to Foundations on Silt and Running Sand

The new system of reinforced concrete construction to be described has a wider range of application than is suggested by the title of this paper. It has a very economical application in the case of wide span floors for factories, warehouses, hospitals, and similar structures. For heavy floor foundations for engineering and architectural works to be carried by poor-bearing strata of a semi-liquid and plastic nature or of the nature of running sand, the system is markedly efficient and economical. When to these conditions of construction and foundation strata is added the problem of alterations of upward and downward pressure, actual experience has proved that an economy of at least 50 per cent. is effected by the application of the new system. Under the conditions mentioned, tmhe application of the system to the floors and foundations of the new sewage settlement tanks at the Low Level Sewage Disposal Works of the Leeds Corporation showed that the saving on ordinary methods of construction amounted to 53 1/2 per cent. The most economical of the ordinary methods of construction gave a cost of £215,000, whereas th6 new system qave a cost of less than £1OO,OOO, thus representing a saving of over £115,000. The various alternative designs were submitted by the Sewerage Engineer, Mr. George A. Hart, M.Inst.C.E., M.I.Rlech.E.-a member of this institution-to Mr. Basil Mott, C.B., M.Inst.C.E., for expert criticism. Mr. Mott, after prolonged and careful consideration and investigation, reported in favour of the new system on grounds of both efficiency and economy. D. Davidson