The Structural Engineer > Archive > Volume 46 (1968) > Issues > Issue 12 > Bending Analysis of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell
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Bending Analysis of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell

This paper presents a method for the analysis of rectangular hyperbolic paraboloid shells with any combination of fixed and simply supported edges. The method consists of expressing the displacement functions as double series in characteristic functions satisfying the boundary conditions exactly. The differential equations are satisfied using the orthogonality property of these functions. This results in three infinite sets of simultaneous equations, the solution of which gives the undetermined parameters. The convergence of the deflection, membrane forces and moments have been studied and they are compared with other published results. K.T. Sundara Raja Iyengar and R.S. Srinivasan

Author(s): IYENGAR, K T SUNDARA RAJA;Srinivasan, R S

Keywords: thin shells;hyperbolic paraboloid;rectangular;analysis;comparing;methods