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Explosions in Domestic Structures

The papers by Dr. Rasbash and Mr. Stretch will be offered for discussion at the Ordinary Meeting of the Institution on 23 October. Attention is drawn to the fact that, as stated by Dr. Rasbash in his introduction, most of the experience available at the Fire Research Station on the subject of gas and vapour explosions is concerned with such explosions in industrial plant and buildings; Mr. Stretch, as his conclusions mention, feels considerable extrapolation is still required to fit all the known facts into any theory coherent enough to offer a reliable Code of Practice to guide future designs. The Ordinary Meeting on 23 October provides an opportunity for Chartered Engineers to place on record their opinions of these assessments of available information upon what is becoming an issue of extreme importance in structural design. D.J. Rabash and K.L. Stretch

Author(s): Rasbash, D J;Sketch, K L

Keywords: explosions;housing;gas;blast resistance;effects