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Presidential Address. The Structural Engineer's Significance

A social involvement The title of my address, 'The structural engineer's significance', is not only provocative, as intended, but is clearly incomplete and poses the obvious question: significant in what respect? To answer the question there are a number of expressions which come to mind: with regard to society; to engineering (and it would be interesting to know what would be the order of preference given these two by most members of this Institution); to the sciences: to the quality of life; to the economy? And there are a number of others. If indeed, we should vary the title by calling it 'The structural engineer's contribution', to the foregoing rather general areas of interest we can add more specific ones, for example: the multidisciplinary team; his own and other professional bodies and institutions; the cityscape. (I have had to coin this word because I could not find one that conveyed what I meant- 'seascape' and 'landscape' are clear enough to everyone but how else could one say, in a word, that one meant the visual impact of the large built-up area?). Peter Mason